Photo of me

I'm a London-based Product Designer helping startups figure out which problems to solve and the right way to solve them.

Over the last 4+ years I've designed both business and consumer products. I sweat the details at every step of the process — from product strategy to pixels. I love working collaboratively to find simple solutions to real problems that the teams I work in can be proud of.

Outside of design you might spot me at a gig (remember those?), stargazing, watching horror movies, or sipping on some fancy-pants coffee.


Asking why and focussing on the details


Doing the same thing day-in-day out

I want to be better at

Web development and coding, writing and communicating ideas earlier

I don't want to focus on

Illustration and creating marketing assets.

Favourite part of the design process

Design process double diamond

I love working the end to end process but my favourite moment is getting that idea into a visual form for the first time.


  1. Purpose. Having a sense of meaning in my work and feeling that it has an impact.
  2. Growth. Constantly seeking new knowledge and reflecting on how to improve.
  3. Variety. Applying skills to a wide range of problems and tasks.
  4. Partnership. Working closely with others and feeling supported.